About Me

I’m a grad student. Need I say more? Yes, because you didn’t come here to read that. I’m a 2nd-year MA student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, graduating this December. I got my BA from UNL in 2012 in English, with a concentration in Creative Writing. I’m a writer of long fiction primarily, though I’ve dabbled in poetry and short-form fiction.

For a job, I work at the Midwest Roadside Safety Facility, where I copyedit reports written by engineers who design safety equipment like guardrails and concrete median barriers. I also perform database management, upload files to the MwRSF website, and basically do any sort of grunt work that doesn’t require an Engineering degree.

I spent eight years in the military, starting in May 2001. I deployed to Iraq twice, the first time in 2003 with the 4th Infantry Division, and the second time in 2004 with the 360th Transportation Company. In 2006 I left the active military and joined the Nebraska National Guard, which helped pay for my bachelor’s degree. In 2009, after eight years total and my contract commitment fulfilled, I left the military and became a full-time civilian. I’ve since found that my experiences in the military have provided me with a good reservoir of writing inspiration, and I’ve tried to incorporate a lot of what happened to me into my writing, whether it takes place in the military or not.