Back to the Drawing Board. But I Don’t Know How to Draw

Once upon a time, I tried to start a blog. The intent was to tell others about my experiences being a grad student, as I was about to start my MA program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I published maybe two posts in two years. It really just never felt right. But now, as I prepare to enter the PhD program at UNL, I’m getting more serious about being a real writer, and everything out there tells me that I should have a website, a blog, a brand. If I’m going to be an actual author, I need to look like someone who knows what they’re doing — or at least knows more than some of the actual authors currently on the market. So, I’ve created this site to lay down some of my thoughts about life, school, cats, everything else, etc. There’s no way to tell what I might decide to start writing about, though you can be sure some of it might offend. And, if I do happen to offend you, know that I didn’t mean to, and I am completely, truly not sorry.


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