You Love Me, You Really Love Me!

So I’m published. They say that you’re not a writer until someone else calls you that, and by putting my words in an anthology, they’re calling me a writer. Yes, someone decided that my words were good enough to include in an anthology containing work by David Baldacci, Jodi Picoult, Whoopi Goldberg, Julianne Moore, and others.

Wait, those last two don’t seem to go with the others, do they? Weeelllll, that might have something to do with the actual anthology. After all, it’s The Best Advice in Six Words, due out at the beginning of November 2015. It’s filled with submissions to the website (of which I’ve contributed 10). Actually, when I got the email saying that I’d been selected as one of the contributors for the book, I thought it was a scam, because really, why would they want to use something I’d written for their site? But after investigating (read: going to the Amazon site for the book and searching for my name inside), I found that it was a real book that was really using my work and crediting me under my real name. An honest-to-God publishing credit! Sure, they’re only using six of my words and leaving many thousands of others sitting by the wayside, but hot damn if I wasn’t flying high for the rest of the day after finding out.

Also, as a contributor, I get a free copy of the book (available at Amazon and other places). I worked out the math, and the book’s list price of $12.99 for only six words comes out to $2.165 per word. That’s the equivalent of a payment of over $200,000 for a standard novel. Not too bad, considering the average starting yearly pay for new writers is between $7,500 and $10,000 a year. Hmm, maybe I should give up my dreams of being a novelist and stick to six word advice columns. If someone were willing to pay me, I could rake in the dough. Not sure that would fly for the publishers, though. I mean who really wants to read a book composed entirely of six-word phrases?

Oh well, guess I’ll stick to my plan. I won’t get paid as much per word, but I can at least say in my future query letters that, yes, my work has been published. Maybe I’ll just leave out where they can find my work.


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